THERE IS IRONY in the position of the well paid PAYE taxpayer. Irony so complete, it demands our attention. Not everyone well educated and worldly in their views can be as blind to the facts of life as are these particular jokers. They are side-splitters … every one of them.

And they don’t even realise that the joke is on them.

These are the people who consider themselves to be economically and politically savvy. They have somehow managed to adopt moderate to extreme right wing political and economic views. And that’s where, if you choose to look, you will find this pure irony.

THE DISEASED HEART of these beliefs is that the poor, the unemployed and the low paid workers are all slackers … probably immigrants … probably Muslim … probably illegal boat people taking Aussie jobs or living on welfare (which one? … I think it’s jobs on even day dates and benefits on the odds) … soaking up the taxes that the poor old PAYE taxpayer is having great difficulty avoiding. It’s no wonder this demographic has become conservative TV network watching, shock-jock listening, flag waving, un-Australian accuser, bigot citizens. Blaming every crack in their shattered persona on the dispossessed half of the Australian population. Aping the One Nation edge of the Liberal National Party – although I have to admit that I remain hopeful that the regional and rural component of The National Party will come to their collective senses and demand real representation by the MP’s … reflecting contemporary regional and rural Australian views … which happen to be humane, inclusive and progressive … if only we could express ourselves more clearly.

These citizens believe that the coffers of government are low due to welfare payments and providing realistic platforms from which new arrivals may launch a successful foray into Australian life. The people actually selling out out PAYE taxpayers are the rich … by avoiding paying their fair share of tax.

Your average well paid PAYE taxpayer – whilst maintaining that they are true Aussie team players – would dearly love to have either the wealth or the nerve (probably both) to get into a serious tax minimisation (read: avoidance) scheme. And they justify this position by saying that taxes are wasted on Unemployment Benefits, Public Schools, National Healthcare etc … yet these are the very things that make the well heeled upwardly mobile middle class PAYE taxpayer safe at night in their blue ribbon safe Liberal seat. Perhaps these people should take advantage of the Medicare rebate on eye tests … because that is an extremely short-sighted view. Ironically, perhaps they will end up with Coca-Cola bottle lenses to correct their short-sightedness – which would be appropriate as many of them own CCA shares.

The upwardly mobile middle class of PAYE taxpayers – mostly well paid professionals – are missing the point about tax. If rich individuals and corporations paid their fair share of tax, we could have a flat tax rate of 20% we could have it all … and get change.


Flat tax rate of 19% for everyone earning more than 20K pa.

No deductions.

No exceptions.

Business and Corporate tax rate cut to 19%.

No deductions.

No exceptions.

That will be a huge tax break for everyone who currently pays tax, and for those who have been avoiding it, choose to either join with your fellow citizens and pay your way, or leave our fair land and find your happiness somewhere else.


Contribute and enjoy our way of life


GO (and good riddance).

If you have argument with this philosophy, we can solve any impasse with a vote. How about we democratically ask the electorate if they are willing to:

a) take a massive tax cut and the government be better off.

b) make everyone pay – no exceptions.

A pretty compelling idea … and all thanks to the hard-done-by, disenfranchised, high income earning, PAYE taxpayer. I wish to thank you all for assisting me with understanding, clarity and inspiration.