We, the general public, are real suckers. We have been recruited and used as the front-line tools for the defence, promotion and mobilisation of capitalism and “democracy”. The general public have been sold the myth that these forces are compatible and reconcilable. We subscribe to the myth that we – the people – are, and will continue to be, the beneficiaries of our current politico-economic system.

The truth is, we loyal subjects of greed and self interest will be the last to realise that we have been used … as pawns … and cannon fodder. Finally, upon realising our destiny, we will belatedly feel betrayed and sacrificed by those we so staunchly defended (deferred to, idolised, pathetically and naively aspired to joining) as we are dropped … no longer required … no longer relevant … having served our purpose we will be discarded and disregarded.

How did it come to pass that so many (otherwise) good people worshipped at the altar of greed and self interest? The final move that got us “on board” was the compulsory Superannuation Scheme. All of a sudden, everyone was a shareholder – our comfort in retirement became a game for the stock-market. And as the funds grew, the opportunity for the fund managers to manipulate the market grew … and short-term, short-sighted, short-selling self interest again reared its ugly head. To the benefit of the same privileged few – who always benefit (of course they do, it’s their game and they make the rules you fools!) … I’ll bet you can even guess the source of their portfolio profits.

Yep, it’s you.

It could be argued that we, the general public, play this game willingly. We certainly appear to be happy to look on as our bankers choose red or black on the roulette wheel … maybe too much television makes everything entertainment … even watching your future gambled away or the laundering of billions of taxpayer dollars (OUR DOLLARS) to big business, primarily through military actions and the further marginalisation of those already compromised … for our gain … justified how? … to preserve our “way of life” and “defend democracy” (as if we live in a democracy … that would mean making an informed choice … I am embarassed to say, I don’t think so!) … yep, we – the general public – are suckers all right.

When the outcome is weighed against our actions and inactions, maybe it is exactly what we deserve!