I reckon everyone in the world is entitled to vote at the US Elections …

WE ALL LIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE of what happens in US Federal Politics. Profoundly so. Everyone. The entire population of the Earth. There is no escaping the jurisdiction of the USA. There is nowhere to hide. The most dominant global nation ever (so far) has authority over us all … yes, to a varying degree … but never-the-less, dominion that cannot be denied or ignored.

When you hear the USA described as the greatest country in the world, it’s usually in reference to the USA being the most influential and successful nation on the planet today. It’s a fact that is difficult to dispute. The US sets the global economic agenda. The US leads the world in military sophistication: be it spending, arms, positioning or policy. Much of the global political agenda espoused through bodies such as the UN, IMF, WorldBank, NATO, the IAEA (there are 100’s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_intergovernmental_organizations ) is significantly influenced by the policy positions of the US. There is strong evidence that the US-ification even trickles down to individual preferences for fashion, food, language and music – regardless of religion, location, nation or association. We share the US Disney aspirations. Global domination has never been so complete.

And why not? To the victors go the spoils and the writing of history. Thus it has always been – and always will be.

If the US had a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan at the start of the 20th Century, it was a document of superiority. The management should be congratulated for being so beautifully positioned in WWI and WWII. Big bonuses were deservedly paid.

Credit is due for the plethora of inventions and innovations that have come from the US. In the past 150 years the US has been the force driving global technological change and progress (not without significant contributions from various external sources … yet the fact remains the US has been the major driver). The 50 years following WWII showed the USA to be the benchmark country of the world. Ascension to the throne of world influence was realised in late 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell. And there the US still sits.

ALL THE AVAILABLE EVIDENCE suggests that the majority of the good people of the United States have few clues when it comes to world politics and international affairs … it would appear that for most Americans a connection with what’s going on state-wide is a challenge, let alone caring about what’s happening in another country. The extent of understanding goes little further than the editorial phantasies pronounced on US Cable TV News. Yes, it is almost too frightening to ponder. Perhaps this is part of the price that must be paid for success such as the US has experienced.

I lived in the USA for a year. ‘Americans’ – as they call themselves – are absolutely delightful hosts. I found them to be accommodating, helpful and fascinating. Being white and being Australian certainly helped. I have a great affection for the people of the US. I also have a pretty realistic understanding of the scope of their engagement with religion, politics and the world outside the USA.

The average citizen in the USA – supposing they can be bothered enrolling to vote … and then turning up to vote … and then making sure they punch the ‘chads’ from their voting card [so that the result cannot be hijacked – as per the allegations pertaining to the Gore (Democrat) Vs GW Bush (Republican) 2000 US Federal Election] – has more influence over global social-economic-political policy positioning than the governments of perhaps 196 of the 201 or so independent countries on the planet (‘countries’ as defined by the 1933 Montevideo Convention – which is arguably the most commonly accepted definition of a country).

Of these ‘independent’ countries, most typically spend significant periods of any given day as the nominal 51st state of the USA … somewhat like a remora delicately cleaning the uber-gingivitis from a sharks teeth. And the guy with my global proxy, should he choose to drag his fat arse from in front of the television to the nearest polling booth, most probably couldn’t give a toss about the state of the world. All he knows is how to ‘pledge allegiance to the flag’ … the lyrics to ‘Star Spangled Banner’ … Tom Brady’s TD record … where the nearest drive thru burger stand is (hopefully it’s on the way to the polling booth) … and how to use a TV remote. He probably has pressures enough in his immediate environment to not be concerned with ‘Global Implications’. Hardly desirable qualifications for my proxy! Can this citizen even identify 20 of the 200 world countries on a map? USA … yep, Canada … probably, Mexico … I’m pretty sure he will know where that is … 17 to go. Oh no. Hmmmm, I wonder which of those islands off Florida is Cuba?

The solution.

WHENEVER THERE IS A US Federal Election, EVERYONE who wants a vote, gets a vote. You want to run the world USA? … You want to be the planetary policeman? … You insist on being the main colonial power on the planet? … You want to have primary authority over the formation and application of international … laws, treaties, pacts, agreements, blocs, sanctions? It’s yours!

The cost to you is that I want a say in who is making the laws that influence my life and the major global issues of my time. Presently, that will mean voting in US Federal elections.

Does it sound reasonable that if we are going to pretend that we live in a ‘democracy’, that we should follow-up with some semblance of democratic activity that supports such assertions? I’m not suggesting that we interfere to such an extent that nominees for President come from outside the USA – that would be contrary to the rules already in place. However, if we are subject to the consequences of the actions of the US Government, and if democracy and freedom of speech are the mainstays of this system, surely we deserve a say.

To put it another way: the USA is the major stakeholder in world politics. Policies of the US government influence pretty much every aspect of the lives of everyone on the planet. Policies of the US government have direct and profound repercussions on everything that effects my life. So I contend that I am entitled to a vote.

This is not some anti-US rant – as much as people may want to spin it that way. Regardless of who is the ruling world body, if they are going to insist that we live in a ‘democracy’, I am going to insist that I have the right to vote. My stock market loving friend says that if China is next in line in the Global Succession Plan, I will not get to vote (I dont have one now so that wont be a change). However, it is unlikely that China will be promoting their credentials as the bastion of a free market democracy. Perhaps not any form of a democracy at all. I accept that the US will continue on their current path of planetary domination for as long as their Empire reigns – and I believe that everyone on the planet should be entitled to vote in USA elections.

Post Script:

How would the adoption of my petition benefit the citizens of the USA?

  1. US Citizens travelling outside the USA would not have to hide behind a Maple Leaf backpack badge to avoid detection and condemnation/damnation.
  2. The rest of the world could not continue to blame the USA for everything dodgy perpetrated by the US Government/Secret Services/Military as we had a vote.
  3. The entrenched and thoroughly brainwashed American public could be relieved of their thrall to their Corporate Masters.

Given that everything the US Government (and the US Corporations running the US Government) does has an impact on life here in regional and rural Australia, I dont think that it’s inappropriate that we should be given a vote in the US Federal Elections. If you pay any attention to the conspiracy theories getting around, the UN is hell-bent on promoting a World Government … allegedly controlled – just like the US Government – by the upper echelon of big business and a few mega-rich families. They may as well start the transition by letting us vote in the US elections.